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About Cloud Food Bank

Cloud Food Bank is an online food donation platform developed by the Scholars of Sustenance Foundation Thailand (SOS Thailand) under the sponsorship and partnership with Allianz Ayudhya. The system aims to elevate food donation and relief activities in Thailand through donation management and beneficiaries’ matchmaking system. We developed the system to manage the supply of food surplus and food donations from food industries and charitable individuals. Through Cloud Food Bank, we ensure that all helps and good wills are directed toward the communities in need across Thailand. Become part of our mission to create the systematic change of food donation in Thailand. Join us in our vision toward Thailand’s national food bank system establishment!  

About Cloud Food Bank

Our Impact Number

Scholars of Sustenance Foundation have operated the food rescue operation since 2016. We continuously rescue food surplus, distribute food donations, and cook warms meals for the vulnerable communities in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, and Phuket. Here’s our Impact number so far: 

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How to Make Donation/Receive Donation

Everyone can make a food donation or request food relief support easily with Cloud Food Bank’s contract-based system. Donating or Requesting food donations are upheld by the contracts in this platform, so everything is secure, documented, and transparent. With the Donation Contract, we welcome food donors from every scale in the food industry; the farm with surplus produces, Surplus batches of products from food manufacturers, or the restaurant and personal donations that wish to donate the food on special occasions! With the Relief Contract, if you are the community representative or request help, send us the request and let us know how we can help your communities! Start making your contract or contact us, and let us help you make your plan!  

How to Support Cloud Food Bank and SOS Thailand

Our food rescue operation and other food programs allow us to serve meals to the communities in a lower cost than regular donation. Every 5 Baht donation is equal to 1 meal serving to the community. All the financial support will directly fund SOS Thailand operation and Cloud Food Bank system, allowing us to continue helping the communities in need in Thailand every day!

Support us by making a financial donation at
Siam Commercial Bank PCL
Scholars of Sustenance Foundation
Account No: 030-273178-9

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