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Open the food relief request with SOS Thailand’s Cloud Food Bank! Let us help you and your communities. The food relief request is available for communities OR organization representatives who wants to request food for their people. After finishing the food relief request, and inputting all the required confirmation (such as contact information and type of food needed for your community, etc.), once we validate the legitimacy of the request, Cloud Food Bank will provide food support to your community in need. Our team will contact you for necessary logistic arrangements.

Let SOS Thailand Help you

SOS Thailand has been working with more than 1,000 communities in 34 provinces across Thailand. We worked with the low-income communities, migrants’ communities, volunteer networks, NGOs, and government shelters. We have a strong network of beneficiaries, so we ensure the transparency of food distribution for your community! If you are already part of our current network, apply your relief request to Cloud Food Bank, and we will try our best to deliver your needed food support!
Let SOS Thailand Help you

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Here is our number of current active food support in our beneficiary network under SOS Thailand’s food rescue operation & other food programs across Thailand!
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FAQs for Beneficiaries

Using Cloud Food Bank, you can start in 3 simple steps: Register, Apply, Request. Firstly, you must register a user account with Cloud Food Bank. Secondly, you can start to request food relief support by creating a food relief contract through this link. In the food relief contract, you must provide your beneficiary details (WHO are you, WHERE are you, Communities Information, etc.) Lastly, once you provide all the required information, SOS Thailand team will reach back to you to confirm and discuss the distribution plan!
We strongly encourage community representative or NGO representative to apply for a food relief contract with Cloud Food Bank. If you are representative of low-income communities, non-governmental organizations, orphanages, public schools, disabilities and children shelter, women and career shelter, government shelter, volunteer networks, remote area communities, or other related organizations. We welcome all of you and your organization to apply for the food relief support by SOS Thailand.
It is strongly advised to make your food relief request plan early. It will require review process on our end to assess community’s beneficiaries. The assessment period would take at least 3-4 days to complete.

Once the Relief Contract is confirmed, your request will be included in the distribution roster, queuing for future distribution. All distribution will be categorized per the urgency index and current operating schedule. In the standard operation, it will take at least 1 week for the distribution to complete, and the community receives the food support. 

Cloud Food Bank is the donation platform by SOS Thailand. During the distribution process, the beneficiary can discuss the itinerary of the distribution schedule, such as retrieving food from SOS Thailand offices, or SOS Thailand distributing food to your designated location.

Food Relief Contract is the essential management document for Cloud Food Bank. Our system ensures privacy and Personal Data Protection for every user. Making a contract with SOS Thailand is proof of relief request that all donations are documented, validated, and reached to the community in need!
If you are not a recipient representative or requesting food support on a personal scale, we would advise you to contact your recipient representative or fill up your information in the contact us form. SOS Thailand team will pass your inquiry to the nearby organization or your community representative as soon as possible.
Recurring food relief support is a feature in our food relief contract where you can set up the interval of repeatable requests, so you can request food distribution schedule in a long-term basis just by only one food relief contract creation. 
Cloud Food Bank admins will approve your food relief contract. In case of incorrect information or staff requiring more input, SOS team will notify via e-mail or via phone call. Once approved, the team will contact you as soon as possible to proceed with the distribution procedure. 
As a food rescue foundation, we limit our relief support to food only to the communities in need. On rare occasions, we will provide non-food donations to the communities if there are non-food item donations in the future.
You can contact our Cloud Food Bank admins or SOS Thailand via e-mail or phone call. Send us a message at: Call us at: (+66) 062-675-0004

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