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Cloud Food Bankis the food donation web platform developed by the Scholars of Sustenance Foundation Thailand (SOS Thailand) under the partnership with Allianz Ayudhya. The website serves to manage the food donation and surplus supply from food donors and relief support demand through donation management and beneficiaries’ matchmaking system. 

Cloud Food Bank is developed to enhance the food operation system in SOS Thailand food programs, making all the donations & distribution simplified, determined, and effective. With our food donation matchmaking system, we can manage food supplies from large food industries and individuals, ensuring all the goodwill efforts are delivered to the most needed hands. 

The Cloud Food Bank system is a transformative social innovation to revolutionize the food surplus management and food donation behavior pattern in Thailand. Our goals are to establish the food rescue coalition network through the Cloud Food Bank platform, enabling the donor to donate food from different regions while all the supplies are directed to the most needed communities on the national scale. Join us! Help us transform Thai Society toward a positive social impact, help us help Thailand today! 

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About Us, SOS Thailand

Scholars of Sustenance Foundation Thailand (SOS Thailand) have operated the food rescue operation since 2016. Our mission aims to drive a positive change in food waste and food insecurities. Our operation recovers and collects surplus food, through our food rescue models, from various sources in the food industries, such as hotels, restaurants, caterings, retailers, manufacturers, including individuals’ donations.  

As our operation grows, SOS Thailand has branched out the operation and food programs to adapt and transform the workflow with the scope and flow of food supply matching with the increase of food donation quantities and varieties. We created Food Programs as an extension of our food rescue operation to re-purpose the oversupply surplus through the Rescue Kitchen Program or collaborate with major volunteer networks through the Remote Community Food Program, transporting dry food to the remote villages around Thailand. Since our inception, we have rescued and distributed more than 4 million kilograms of food to the vulnerable in 34 provinces across Thailand.  

We are proud of our achievement, but we are also well aware that this achievement is a tip of an Iceberg. There is food being wasted every day and everywhere, while there are people barely secure their end meets in a day. We have ambitious goals in expanding our operation to become the nationwide network of the food rescue operation, creating food equity in Thai society where people can have access to nutritious food regardless of their income and status. You can learn more about us on our SOS Thailand official website through the button below!  

Powered by Allianz Ayudhya

We are one of Thailand’s leading insurers and a part of Allianz Group, one of the world’s largest financial services providers. Our purpose ‘We secure your future’, however, is not just about providing financial security to over 100 million customers globally, but underscores the impact Allianz has on society by contributing to a more sustainable future of the societies in which we live and work.  

In Thailand, our sustainability journey has embarked on since 2019 with “inside-out” approach where we encourage over 1,200 employees toward “green” behaviour with many initiatives such as waste management, reducing energy consumption. Today, we are ready to take another big step in bringing ‘sustainability’ to the wider community by joining force with Scholars of Sustenance Foundation (SOS Thailand) to launch Thailand’s very first ‘Cloud Food Bank’ that you are experiencing now!  

Designed to managed the food surplus more systematically, Cloud Food Bank is not only serving the community in needs but also help reduce the GHG emission from food waste. Together, we expect to reduce 2 million kg GHG on yearly basis. This is only just the beginning, our “Grow Green” journey continues and we are very much welcome your ongoing support!  

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