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Start making your food donation plan! Our system can receive both food surplus and regular food donations! Open your donation contract with Cloud Food Bank, and let us know how you will donate your food to us. Once the contract is approved, the SOS Thailand team will contact you for further donation procedures!

Why Donate Through Cloud Food Bank

SOS Thailand has collaborated with more than 700 partners and more than 1,000 beneficiaries since 2016. We have a cold-chain logistic capability in four different regional offices: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, and Phuket. We can receive both food donations and food surplus, the edible food fit for human consumption that is discarded due to consumer expectations and standards. Donating through Cloud Food Bank will ensure the logistic of food and food safety delivered to communities’ hands. We record all of Cloud Food Bank donation contracts, so we ensure that all the donation plans are validated, coordinated, and delivered to the people who need food the most! 

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Our Monthly Sustainability Report

Our Monthly Sustainability Report

At the end of every month, SOS Thailand will provide the monthly sustainability report for our food donation partners. All donations will be recorded in our food surplus database and reported back to the donor as a validation of collaboration and acknowledgment for your action in driving the sustainable positive impact on the environment and food insecurities in Thailand! Contact SOS Thailand to learn more about our monthly sustainability report. 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

2030 will be a testament of humanity in changing ourselves and our world for a better future. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) have become one of the prominent milestone and guideline toward a sustainable, better society and better world. It is necessary for everyone from the individual level to the giant conglomerate to achieve at least one of the 17 goals and 169 targets of UNSDGs. Joining and opening donation/food relief contract with SOS Thailand’s Cloud Food Bank will allow you to achieve 5 goals as follows: (2) Zero Hunger, (10) Reduced Inequalities, (12) Responsible Consumption and Production, (13) Climate Action, and (17) Partnerships for the Goals 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

FAQs for Donors

Using Cloud Food Bank, you can start in 3 simple steps: Register, Apply, Donate. Firstly, you must register a user account with Cloud Food Bank. Secondly, you can start to donate by creating a donation contract through this link. In the donation contract, you must provide donation details (WHAT will you donate, WHEN will you donate, etc.) Lastly, once you provide all the detail and information, SOS Thailand team will reach back to you to confirm and start your donation!
It is strongly advised to make your donation plan early. The latest we can accept the donation contract is at least 3 days before the actual donation schedule.
Cloud Food Bank is the centralized food donation platform developed by SOS Thailand. You can also make a food donation with us at our SOS Offices. Currently, Cloud Food Bank service is available in Bangkok, until further developments!  
Donation Contract is an essential management document for Cloud Food Bank. Our system ensures privacy and Personal Data Protection for every user. Making a contract with SOS Thailand is a proof of donation that documents and validates donations, so that food reaches the communities in need!
Recurring Donation is a feature in Donation Contract where the donor can set up the interval of repeatable donation so that you can make a food donation in the long term with only one contract creation. We strongly advise medium to large scale donors to open a recurring contract for efficiency and convenience for you. 
We accept BOTH food surplus and regular food donations. With our food rescue operation and logistic capability, we can rescue and distribute food up to 5 tons per day 
Surplus food is the excess edible food that occurred due to the overproduction or oversupply of food in the food supply chain, or the edible food that fails to be used or sold in their expected time, therefore discarded for failing customer expectations and product standards. 
You can become a long-term official partner with SOS Thailand by signing an MOU with us. Please contact our foundation for more details. 
Cloud Food Bank admins will approve your Donation Contracts. In case of incorrect information or staff requiring more input of the contract, SOS team will notify via email or via phone call. Once approved, the team will contact you as soon as possible to proceed with the next step of donation.

We are a food rescue foundation, so we limit the type of donation to food only. We also welcome any form of support to keep our operation and Cloud Food Bank system running. If you wish to financially support SOS Thailand and Cloud Food Bank, OR create collaborative campaigns, please contact us at:

Currently, SOS Thailand and Cloud Food Bank cannot provide the Tax Reduction Benefit for the Food Donors. We are trying our best in pushing the tax benefits policy in food donation, so be patient for some great news in the future!

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